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During the annual Whitsun excursion, students of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering have the opportunity to gain insights into exciting large-scale construction projects throughout Germany and to experience the versatility of the engineering profession first-hand.

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Concrete Canoe Regatta

The Concrete Canoe Regatta combines the disciplines of concrete construction and boat building technology. In this competition, which is both technical and sporting, teams from various national and international institutions compete against each other. The goal is for a team of students to design and construct a buoyant canoe made of concrete. In addition to buoyancy and robustness, the focus of the design and material concept is on optimizing weight and flow resistance. In addition to the technical and sporting performance, the presentation of the concrete canoe is also taken into account in the evaluation.

In the past, teams of students from the Department of Building Materials Technology have taken part in this event several times. The concrete canoe project is offered as a project work in the Master's program in Civil Engineering and is based on the cycle of the concrete canoe regatta. The processing period of the project work begins in October and ends in June with the participation in the regatta.

If you are interested, please contact M.Sc. Maximilian Weiß.

Further information about the concrete canoe regatta can be found here.