EURO:TUN 2021 in Bochum

From June 22-24, 2022, EURO:TUN 2021, scheduled for 2021, was held at the Ruhr University Event Center in Bochum, Germany. As part of the event, which presents results from 12 years of experimental and numerical research of the Collaborative Research Center 837 "Interaction Modeling in Mechanized Tunneling", Mr. M.Sc. Sven Plückelmann from the Chair of Building Materials Engineering gave a presentation titled "Cementitious materials with high compressibility for deformation-tolerant tunnel lining".
Further information on EURO:TUN 2021 can be found here.

66th BetonTage in Ulm

From June 21-23, 2022 the 66th BetonTage took place under the motto "Sustainable construction with concrete" in the Congress Centrum Ulm. The Chair of Building Materials Technology was represented by several employees on site. In the context of the panel 6 "Innovative solutions in building construction" Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rolf Breitenbücher held a lecture with the title "The new generation of standards DIN 1045 - signpost to an optimized concrete construction quality" and presented in another lecture with the title "New test methods for the practical evaluation of fresh concrete rheology" the current state of research of the project "Processing of fresh concrete surfaces".
Further information on the BetonTage can be found here.

Promotion of Mr. Robin Przondziono

On December 15, 2021, Mr. M.Sc. Robin Przondziono successfully defended his dissertation with the topic "Effects of fatigue-induced concrete degradation on the penetration behavior of liquid media".The dissertation committee was composed of the following members:

  •     Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rolf Breitenbücher (Ruhr University Bochum, Chair of Building Materials Technology)
  •     Prof. Dr. techn. Günther Meschke (Ruhr University Bochum, Chair of Statics & Dynamics)
  •     Prof. Dr.-Ing. Harald S. Müller (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
  •     Prof.'in Dr.-Ing- Martina Flörke (Ruhr-University Bochum, Chair of Engineering Hydrology and Water Management)

The Chair of Building Materials Technology congratulates Mr. Przondziono on the successful completion of his doctorate!

3rd International Conference on Concrete Sustainability in the Czech Republic

From September 08-10, 2021, the third fib International Conference on Concrete Sustainability (ICCS2021) took place as a hybrid event in Prague, Czech Republic. Mr. David Ov, Mr. Luca-Alexander Kempf, Mr. Robin Przondziono and Ms. Julia Neumann presented the current research results of the Chair of Building Materials Engineering during the conference.

German Construction Technology Day 2021

On March 18, 2021, the virtual edition of the German Construction Technology Day took place under the motto "Construction Factory of the Future" with around 1,500 participants from the fields of planning, construction industry, research and politics.

In the plenary session entitled "Concrete construction | Quo vadis?", Professor Dr.-Ing. Rolf Breitenbücher gave a presentation on "Resource-efficient construction with concrete". The subsequent lecture by Professor Dr.-Ing Christoph Müller (Honorary Professor at the Chair of Building Materials Technology) focused on the "Decarbonization of concrete construction".

For more information on the German Construction Technology Day 2021, please click here.

Promotion of Mr. Christoph Schulte-Schrepping

The Chair of Construction Materials Engineering congratulates Mr. M.Sc. Christoph Schulte-Schrepping on the successful disputation on July 16, 2020. His dissertation entitled "Material concepts for the activation of annular gap filling materials in mechanized tunneling" was written at the Chair of Construction Materials Engineering within the framework of the Collaborative Research Center (SFB) 837 "Interaction models for mechanized tunneling".

The picture shows Dr.-Ing. Bou-Young Youn-Câle handing over the traditional doctoral hat to M.Sc. Schulte-Schrepping.

Promotion of Mr. Enno Krütt

On 24.07.2020, Mr. M.Sc. Enno Krütt successfully defended and passed his doctoral thesis on the topic "Investigations on the effect of fatigue-induced concrete degradation in pavements on the damaging alkali-silica reaction". The Chair of Building Materials Engineering congratulates him warmly.

STUVA Conference 2019

On November 26 and 27, 2019, the STUVA Conference and Expo 2019 took place at Messe Frankfurt. In addition to numerous technical presentations on the topic of tunneling, Mr. Christoph Schulte-Schrepping gave a presentation entitled "Novel material concepts for annular gap mortar in mechanized tunneling - cement substitution, superabsorbent polymers, new test methods, large-scale test" as part of the "Young Forum" at the STUVA Conference.

For more information on the 2019 STUVA conference, click here.

SAP 2019 Conference in South Africa

On November 25-26, 2019, the 3rd SAP2019 International Conference was held in Kruger National Park, South Africa. Mr. David Ov, M.Sc. gave a talk during the conference on "Solidification of two-component-grouts by the use of superabsorbent polymers as activator", presenting the current research results from the Collaborative Research Center (SFB) 837.

Further information about the conference can be found here.

Transportbeton-Tage 2019 in Leipzig - Research Forum

On September 12, 2019, the first research forum of the ready-mixed concrete industry took place in Leipzig as part of the Ready-Mixed Concrete Days 2019. Ms. Julia Neumann, M.Sc. and Mr. Dipl.-Ing Christoph Begemann (Leibniz Universität Hannover) gave a presentation entitled "Testing the sedimentation stability of concrete under vibration action - insights into the applicability of the washout test", in which the current joint research on this topic was presented.

More information on the conference can be found here and as a video recording here.

Image source: BTB/WWS Film Berlin

2nd International RILEM Conference „Rheology and Processsing of Construction Materials“ (RheoCon2 & SCC9)

From September 08-11, 2019, the second international RheoCon conference took place in Dresden. Mr. Stephan Hoves, M.Sc. gave a presentation there on "Evaluation of fresh concrete stickiness with respect to helicopter smoothing", in which potential methods for early evaluation of fresh concrete stickiness were presented.

More information about the conference can be found here.


Whitsun excursion 2019

This year's Whitsun excursion of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering took place from 11 to 14 June 2019. It was organized by the Chair of Construction Materials Engineering in cooperation with the Chairs of Statics and Dynamics as well as Tunneling, Pipeline Construction and Construction Operations.

The Whitsun excursion enabled 26 students to gain insight into some areas of civil engineering. Current construction projects from the departments of structural and bridge engineering, civil engineering and tunneling, as well as building materials technology were visited.

First of all, the Wittekind Portland cement plant in Erwitte and the admixture plant of Cemex Admixtures GmbH in Salzkotten were visited. In Kassel, various viaducts and tunnel structures in the course of the expansion of the A44 were on the agenda the next day. The third day took the travel group to Stuttgart, where the "Stuttgart 21" traffic and urban development project and tunnel structures of the new Stuttgart - Ulm line were visited. On the last day of the excursion, the students visited the shell of the underground transport station "Gateway Gardens" in Frankfurt. The last stop was also in Frankfurt at the "Frankfurt Four" construction site. Here, the Trevi company showed the students the special civil engineering work currently taking place for the planned high-rise buildings.

Further information about the Whitsun excursion can be found here.

WTC 2019

From May 3 to May 9, 2019, the World Tunnel Congress (WTC) 2019 "Tunnels and Underground Cities: Engineering and Innovation meet Archaeology, Architecture and Art" took place in Naples, Italy.
From the Chair of Building Materials Engineering, Christoph Schulte-Schrepping and Sven Plückelmann presented posters with recent research results from the Collaborative Research Center (SFB) 837. Mr. Schulte-Schrepping gave a presentation during the conference on the topic of "innovative annular gap grouts" entitled "Development of a test setup for the stimulation of the annular gap grouting on a semi technical scale".

More information about WTC 2019 can be found here.

German Construction Technology Day 2019

On March 07 and 08, 2019, the German Concrete and Construction Technology Association E.V. (DBV) held this year's German Construction Technology Day at the ICS Stuttgart. Under the motto "Change needs visions and doers", 80 lectures and 60 exhibitors offered the approximately 1,500 participants new impulses from the practice of design and construction as well as science. Representatives of the Chair of Building Materials Technology, the Chair of Structural Analysis and Dynamics and the Collaborative Research Center 837 were on site.

fib Congress 2018 in Australia

From October 07-11, 2018, the fifth international fib congress took place in Melbourne, Australia. With over 650 participants from different nations, the event featured a diverse program that included current technical topics on betom.

Mr. M.Sc. David Ov gave a presentation on "Material Fatigue of Steel Fiber Reinforced High Performance Concrete for On- and Offshore Wind Turbines".

More information can be found here.


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